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Hello all,

I have linked a playlist of videos that you I use during TCIS trainings and refreshers. Each video had a brief description of what I use them for.

I am happy to provide better explanation of individual videos if needed.




Hello; My name is Beth Laddin.  I have been training TCI and now TCIS since 1994.  I have am a licensed MSW.  I have been working in the child welfare field for over 30 years.  My background runs the gamut from residential, group home and Child Protective Service work to working administratively for the State of Connecticut implementing federal guidelines for all residential and state funded programs that were receiving federal funds.  I have worked for Cornell since 1991; as a program manager implementing a state wide training program for Child Protective Workers and as a trainer training a variety of trainings.  I presently work for Albany City School District in New York and have been full time there for the past eighteen years.  I help train TCIS for my district in addition to my other responsibilities as a social worker for a School of 590 students  pre-K through 6th.  I look forward to meeting all of you and discussing the challenges and opportunities we face working in school settings.

An Exciting Opportunity

My name is Marty Mineroff. I have been a TCIS instructor with the project since 2009.  I spent my career as an educator in the New York City Public Schools, including fourteen years as a Principal before retiring in 2008.

My first experience with TCI came as I was nearing the end of my career in the school system.  The logic and effectiveness of this system were immediately evident and I’ve often wondered why it took so long to reach our schools and how much  more effective we could have been had it been available to us earlier.

As an instructor I am very interested in how the initial training is translated into an effective program in our individual schools.  This blog, and the upcoming conference, offer an opportunity for all of us to share our successes and our challenges.  As more schools are trained there is a growing and varied pool of experience from which we can all learn.  I look forward to meeting all of you and the opportunity to exchange ideas and share our experiences.

Welcome to RCCP for Schools

Hello everyone!

My name is Michele Pierro, I joined the RCCP team when I retired from the NYCDOE in 2012.Most of my work has been with TCI for Schools. I hold B.S in Speech and Theater, MS in Secondary Education/Ed. Psych., and an advanced degree in School District Administration. Since 1973, I’ve been a teacher with various populations including general and special education, county jail and maximum security youth, adult education, and community college students. My roles in administration evolved from a principal and Director of Special Education at an upstate New York BOCES, to Director of School Safety and Positive Behavior Supports, and of Security Resources  in the NYC Department of Education, where my primary job was working with schools that had been designated as “Persistently Dangerous”. TCI/TCIS were  valuable resources in all phases of my work. I was first trained in TCI in 2001 when I was a principal, and saw what a tremendous impact it had on my school. Eventually I became a trainer and instructor, and have carried it with me wherever I have roamed!

We look forward to having a dialog with you on the issues, trends, roadblocks and successes you have experienced in your work.

Please share your thoughts on topics you’d like to see addressed as we form our Community of Practice for Schools.



During the Building a Community of Practice conference organizers will offer at least four opportunities for administrators and practitioners to engage strategically and intentionally in a collaborative environment.

An essential characteristic of this community of practice is that different kinds of schools inform different dimensions of practice and that practice can and should guide decision-making and future school and staff development.